Truss Benefits

The Benefits of Truss Construction

Engineered trusses have numerous advantages over traditional framing. Inter-Mountain Truss will design and build your trusses to your precise specifications. Our trusses are delivered and placed on the plate line by our highly experienced driver/crane operator. Pre-manufactured trusses will enable you to complete projects in less time and at a lower cost than is possible using conventional framing methods.

• Extremely flexible design of roof and ceiling profiles. We can engineer and build nearly anything an architect or designer can draw.
• Trusses enable large clear spans, giving flexibility for the use of interior space.
• The truss system is usually the only truly custom designed engineered and fabricated structural component of a house.
• Trusses save time; Time = Money.

Trusses are highly efficient in their usage of lumber. Roof trusses help conserve forest resources. Most often made of 2x4s and spaced 24 in. O.C., a truss-framed roof uses a lot less wood than one stick-built from 2×6 or 2×8 rafters and joists 16 in. O.C. Most roof Trusses and all floor trusses can use 2×4’s from new growth forrest, not older growth as needed for 2×8’s , 2×10’s and 2×12’s for roof and flooring. On site waste is much less with a wood truss roof and/or floor truss systems.